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The Issue Now Is Sustainability:  


What is Sustainability, And How Does it Affect Us?

Environmental sustainability is a condition in which the demands placed on the environment (specifically the Ocean, Lagoon, Lakes, Soil, Fresh Water) can be met without reducing its capacity to allow all people to live well, now and in the future.


There was a time not so long ago that people thought the oceans, lagoons, and lakes were so vast that nothing we dumped into them could hurt their ability to support life as we know it. Well, we now know that is not true.

Islands of Trash-3

There are now large floating Islands of Garbage in the Pacific Ocean made primarily out of all forms plastic that is not breaking down any time soon interfering with the life processes within thousands of square miles. Often some of the garbage makes its way to our beaches particularly after a storm.

A similar and more obvious problem exists with dumping our waste into the lagoon and lakes from runoff of fertilizer, transportation products, and septic systems. The ability of our local environmental systems to handle the waste alone is now over. If we are not careful we will see more of this.

Sustainability is currently missing from the published mission. We can do better than this by including sustainability in planning our projects and adjusting our methods for handling  waste. And, it is always cheaper to work problems like these sooner than later.

So What Will I Do For Our Community?

  • Assist land owners in their efforts to secure financial assistance through Farm Bill Programs to implement conservation practices

  • Provide information to our community through conservation education, and programs

  • Assist growers with development of low volume irrigation systems

  • Provide input in developing and update irrigation water management plans

  • Review soil surveys and historical maps

  • Provide local government advice and assistance regarding development and resource protection.

  • Support youth education on sustainability

  • Support eradication of invasive plant species


I plan to work with the Brevard Soil & Water Conservation District and  the U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) to support water conservation, limit soil erosion, improve efficiency of irrigation systems, reduce our waste footprint while informing the public about conservation problems.


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Hello, I am Jonathan Schuman



People say that I am multiskilled as both an investigator and scientist with a deep curiosity about the world we live in. Providing information and options to others is part of what I have done for over 35 years as a successful career science educator and past administrator certified in leadership, biology, chemistry, and earth-space science. Currently, I am teaching bioscience at Palm Bay Magnet High School. Knowledge of analyzing and working budgets and computer networking were both very useful while participating as an assistant principal providing supervision and management of high school personnel in Miami-Dade County.

My personal goal in working this opportunity is to lessen negative environmental effects that relate to growth and the human footprint while supporting growth in our community that does not weaken our local physical environment for the future of our children and grandchildren. Our greatest resources include the people of our community, along with the soil and clean water supporting all the life around us.

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Image result for red tide satellite beach
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“Red Tide” an indication of environmental neglect:

Test results confirm red tide found in Brevard County, By: Jason Kelly, WFTV9

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